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Reg A+


Changes in the securities law with the JOBS Act and the Reg A+ rules (finalized in June of 2015) have created a completely new form of a public offering. The new rules allow non-accredited investors to invest in these crowd funding offers of early stage companies. Previously, only accredited investors could participate.

The accredited investor is a person who makes at least $200,000 per year or who has a net worth of $1 million or more, excluding his primary residence. Non-accrediteds are "all else." The non-accredited investor can invest up to 10% of the greater of annual income or net worth.

For an individual to make a purchase of shares of the issuer, he must log into an Internet portal and provide detailed personal information, as well as sign a Subscription Agreement. The accredited investors will be reviewed and processed by a FINRA Broker-Dealer, such as Mentor Securities. During the investment process, the portal provides specific instructions about signing any documents.

Mentor Securities (MS) was recently hired to analyze and process accredited investors for a Reg A+ raise up to $50 million (Tier 2). It was necessary for MS to register in all of the states where the issuer's offering was approved. In addition, MS is negotiating with our private cadre of accredited investors, who will also be processed via the portal.