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Sensing that the M&A landscape has considerably improved, buyers are accelerating their efforts to effect the right acquisition(s). The most viable reasons for this outlook follow:

  1. More than 50% of the market (buyers and sellers) is open to or involved in a transaction (up from 34% in 2016)[1].
  2. Sellers anticipate the lowering of capital gains taxes.
  3. Commercial bank lending for deals is severely hamstrung by overreaching financial regulations. Buyers expect that more debt will be available to leverage deals, as bank regulations are eased.
  4. Business owners who experience fatigue are open to liquidity events.
  5. Valuations are the same or higher than 2016, urging sellers to get into the market.
  6. Organic growth has eluded many buyers, who are targeting bolt-on deals to augment current product lines or eliminate competition.
  7. Most executives surveyed have indicated they will use outside experts, especially for valuation, due diligence and investment banking, all part of the expertise of Mentor Securities and The Mentor Group.

[1] Middle Market M&A Outlook 2017, Citizens Commercial Banking