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Interviewing the Prospect


Careful and effective investment banking professionals are circumspect about which prospects they want as clients. Thus, the intake interview is critical to that process.

As an investment bank, the primary concerns we want resolved are the following:

  1. The adjusted EBITDA is really solid and supportable and trending toward $5 million.
  2. The seller(s) is firmly committed to sell without hesitation.
  3. The personalities of the seller(s) match our style – forthright, focused and fun.
  4. Seller really understands his business: the mission, metrics for profits, and competitive edge(s).
  5. The financials are clean, and seasonality and customer concentration are minimal.
  6. Seller has IP advantage(s) versus competitors.
  7. Seller is realistic about the minimum price he will accept, as well as his expectations of the range of multiples.