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We are continually expanding our reach into many vertical markets, partly through the strategic alliances with numerous C-Level/management executives from a variety of industries.

In addition, we have agreements with national CFO organizations and search firms, providing nearly unlimited access to the best executives/operators for our sell-side and buy-side engagements.

Four key advantages for Mentor Securities from our Executive Team are the following:

  1. In-depth knowledge of industry, best practices and competitors.
  2. Personal relationships to the right decision-makers that will lend itself to proprietary acquisition opportunities.
  3. Insights into sellers and buyers that enable us to get beyond the normal due diligence issues.
  4. Our executives/operators could become part of (interim or permanent basis) a NEWCO management team on a post-closed acquisition that one of our buy-side clients complete.

Our Executive Team provides added credibility for our clients, helping solidify our relationships with a panoply of players in M&A. These team members know the best buyers for our sellers, giving us that extra edge in closing potential transactions. Our industry expertise is enhanced by knowing industry metrics, customs, intelligence, and due diligence. At the end of a closed deal, our executives are usually insinuated into the buyer's operations, as an executive or board member.