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To expand our already strong reach into many industries, Mentor Securities has continued to partners with C-Level management and CFO/Search firms. These collaborations provide added credibility and understanding of specific industry metrics, nuances and best practices.

Other key advantages of our Executive Team are the following:

  1. Access to their networks, which are extensive, for potential companies that want to sell.
  2. Strong relationships with management of the sellers.
  3. Knowledge of and contact with the most appropriate buyers.
  4. Insight into the factors which enhance growth in the industry, and the various niche segments of that industry.
  5. Inclusion of executives as part of the buyer’s due diligence team.
  6. Addition of our team members to perform exit planning and strategies for sellers.
  7. Segue of an executive into the buyer’s target purchase.
  8. On-going counsel to our bankers that makes them much more efficient and effective.