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Hakan Kizilocak, Ph.D

Hakan  Kizilocak, Ph.D Photo
Hakan Kizilocak, Ph.D


Hakan Kizilocak has provided hands-on advisory consulting services, as CTO of IntelRanD, over 10 years of business, commercial and engineering field experience with financial technology and banking corporations such as City National Bank (CNB) (Parent bank: RBC, DevSecOps; 2019-2020), Netki (financial security service provider; AI for Cyber Security; 2018), Meed (global open bank; social media platforms, market optimized in Vietnam, South America, and U.S.; 2016-2017), and tech startups such as HopSkipDrive (2015-2016), Honk For Help (2015), and Media and Entertainment corporations such as TBWA/Chiat/Day (2012-2013), Demand Media (2010-2011), InnoceanUSA (2017-2018), and consumer products corporations such as Belkin (includes Linksys and WeMo; 2014-2015). Currently, he is also an Executive Partner to an industry network group in mergers and acquisitions as an executive consultant, Mentor Securities network.

Prior to that, he has worked over 10 years in government and military research and development for corporations such as Honeywell Technology Center (2000-2002 at USC, 2003 at headquarters Minneapolis, MN; 2000-2003), Intelligent Optical Systems (2003-2006), OKSI (2018-2019). Academic, government and military R&D experience and interests included Engineering Infrastructure, IT, Cyber Security.

He has provided product management and engineering & technology & operations consulting services, wearing multiple hats and working in a cross-functional environment. His management responsibilities were dynamic depending on the industry / line of business, and included managing teams in hardware (computer, electrical, electronics, mechanical) and teams in software (algorithms, security, data science + logic, design, artificial intelligence, machine learning implementation, M2M, IoT) and teams in system and platform development, and tech startup engineering planning (licensing, commercialization, e-commerce launches, start-up launches, analytics, corporate strategy, and R&D) work.

He has received a Ph.D. degree in Systems and Control (Multi-Disciplinary Ph.D. Degree - Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Electrical & Electronics Engineering / Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, 2005 (Reference - Prof. Hespanha). He also has a J.D. (Law School) Certification and Accreditation for Business Law, Management in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services from the University of West Los Angeles, CA, 2011 (Certification and Accreditation).

After receiving the Ph.D. degree from USC, Los Angeles, CA and completing a series of government and military work, he has been providing hands-on advisory consulting services as CTO of IntelRanD, focusing on Full Service Engineering Agency from Concept to Architecture to Team-building Recruitment Services. The below is a sampling of the customer portfolio.​

Titles Held

  • CTO
  • COO
  • CIO
  • CDO
  • CISO


  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Data Management
  • Digital Media & Entertainment
  • E-Commerce
  • Education
  • Electronic Products (industrial & consumer)
  • Fintech
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure Software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, OnPrem)
  • IoT
  • I.T. (Managed, Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Cyber-Security)
  • Manufacturing
  • Services (Business, Industrial, Financial)
  • Technology
  • Telecommunication & Mobile