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Blog Posts in 2014

M&A Environment

More than a few of today's M&A deals have been subject to shareholder lawsuits. The basic of most of these suits is the lack of a supportable valuation or fairness opinion. Compounding these ...
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One of the current "exit" strategies that is often considered is a recapitalization (recap). The basic program is a profitable company borrowing against the cash flows by securing a loan ...
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Raising Capital

A capital raise, as opposed to selling the entire business, is a process of balancing the availability of various types of capital with the needs and risk tolerance of the client. The optimum is to ...
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When a Buyer is at Your Doorstep

Nearly everyone gets excited when the handsome boy or pretty girl shows an interest in them. So what is different when a potential buyer appears on your doorstep? The owner(s) is intrigued and open to ...
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Capital Raising

The capital raising landscape is improving for new and growing ventures. Venture capital is plentiful for startups, though much of it is focused on these industries/assets: medical devices, software, ...
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Advising the Buyer

What role(s) is given to the IBanker (IB) by a potential buyer? Both strategic and financial buyers use buyside advisors, at least on occasion. The most compelling reasons are discussed herein. ...
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Broker Dealer for California

The Securities Act of 1934 has been significantly changed for the first time in 80 years. The SEC issued a NAL, no action letter, to allow unlicensed professionals to receive commissions on the sale ...
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Sale Business Value

Who benefits from a Pre-Sale Value of the business? And, should this analysis be separate from the engagement of an investment banker? In some instances, when the seller does not accept the value ...
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Deal Pricing

According to Pratt's Stats, a leading private M&A transaction database, the overall median selling price to EBITDA for all major sectors was 2.96. This figure was up slightly from the 2012 ...
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EBITDA is an acronym representing Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation (and) Amortization. It is the most widely used "income" metric to estimate the value of a business. The formula ...
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Deciding to Sell

Most business owners face the dilemma of deciding when to sell. The answer is not simple. Obviously, selling at the right or best time is ideal. But how can you determine that "best time?" ...
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Baby Boomer Business Turnover

There are about seven million baby boomer business owners. Two-thirds of those owners plan to sell their businesses. It is estimated that over $4.5 million businesses could be sold over the next 20 ...
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