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Blog Posts in 2015


Post-closing working capital adjustments is the most common change to the purchase price. Typically, a well-crafted Letter of Intent (LOI) will detail how the adjustments are computed (both positive ...

How Is a Multiple Derived?

The primary valuation formula understood by nearly every participant in an M&A deal follows: Multiple X EBITDA. Additionally, many technology firms are valued as a multiple (not necessarily > ...
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The definition of working capital (W/C) is rather simple: current assets less current liabilities. The ratio is current assets/current liabilities. Any ratio below 1 is negative. For most companies a ...
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Regulation "A+"

Under the amended Regulation A, certain public securities offerings are exempt from SEC registration. The amended exemption is informally known as Regulation "A+". The amended Regulation A+ ...
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Bankruptcy Sale of Business

Under Section 363(f) of the Bankruptcy Code, the trustee or debtor-in-possession may sell the bankruptcy assets "free and clear of any interest in the property". This provision of "free ...
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M&A Q1 Outlook

From a macro viewpoint, potential deal flow in 2015 is on pace with 2014, where megadeals accounted for more than 35% of all transactions in Q1 and Q2. In that same first half of 2014, deals were up ...
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Transaction Costs

When contemplating a capital raise or M&A transaction, the parties should be aware of the costs. The following are current, typical ranges of returns for debt and equity sources: Senior ...
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M&A Drivers in 2015

Since 2008, many private equity and hedge funds have raised capital but placed only part of these monies into deals. Thus, there is a pent up demand to acquire for sound, growing businesses. In ...
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Client Highlights

The year 2015 has started well for us. We understand that other I Bankers are getting busy as well. Highlights some of our newer clients are the following: Capital raise – very high end speaker ...
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