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Blog Posts in 2016

Investment Banking is Easy

Many prospective clients think that investment banking is relatively easy. Their thought process follows: we (1) have lunches and dinners to woo them; (2) have the clients put together all the ...
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Selecting a Multiple

During the initial meeting with a prospective seller, we want to know the seller's "magic number." What does he really want for a selling price and how did he arrive at that amount? Have ...
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Negotiation: When Does it End?

In the continuum of an investment banking deal process, there are numerous points in time when negotiations occur. Critical times are at least the following: At the outset, when the prospect (buyer or ...
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The Art of the M&A Deal

The typical investment banker is continually quantifying and justifying the seller's financial information for the buyer. Nuanced seller needs and concerns are often lost or placed in a secondary ...
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Pre-Sale Due Diligence

Almost anything you can imagine should be part of the pre-sale due diligence. If a selling company (seller) wants to receive the best terms and price, they must perform a certain amount of their own ...
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So You Want to Sell

Since you have decided to sell, what are the issues that concern you? Based upon our many years of transactional experience, we are providing a list of what our clients have shared: 1. legacy and ...
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Capital Raise: chose the Investment Banker Wisely

When hiring an investment banker (IB), the key considerations are the following: The perceived expertise of the IB team should be clearly understood. It is less important how much specific experience ...
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So You Want to Raise Capital

For those business owners who want/need to raise capital, there are more types and sources of funds than ever before. Juxtaposed against that positive backdrop is an economic climate that has made ...
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What's New in Deals?

At Mentor Securities, we are provided access to many potential deals from professional advisors. Is there any difference in what we have seen in 2016 versus the last 2 to 3 years? Following is a ...
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At Mentor Securities we expect that the first three quarters will bring wealth to business sellers. In other words, if an owner(s) really want to sell or raise capital, now is the time to initiate ...
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So, how many deals have you (the IBanker) closed in my industry? In the last year or two? Really? Is this the most important question the prospect (seller or buyer) should ask? While nearly ...