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In addition to selling companies, Mentor Securities provides financial advisory to buyers. These engagements involve a monthly retainer and a success fee, usually a percentage of the purchase price.

Buyers include individuals with capital or access to capital; private equity; and, companies purchasing for strategic purposes. Most often we are engaged by strategic buyers, who recognize the importance of utilizing our skills to perform the following basic process:

  1. Determine the buyer's specific appetite for sellers based on revenue, profits, product/service fit, access to new markets, etc.
  2. Align buyer's ability to fund a deal, either with balance sheet cash or access to other outside capital, with the expected price for the specific targets.
  3. Agree upon the metrics and terms of how the buyer wants to approach the targets.
  4. Assess the overall market for potential candidates.
  5. Reach agreement with the buyer on how to pursue targets identified.
  6. Organize due diligence on targets willing to discuss a sale. Discuss terms and pricing with seller and assist in creating a Letter of Intent (LOI).
  7. Work with other advisors, especially accounting and legal, to complete the diligence.
  8. Advise buyer on how diligence affects the pricing and terms of a purchase agreement.
  9. Continue dialogue between buyer and seller until a deal is curtailed or closed.